2D Animated Data Visualizations

We offer 2D animations of charts and graphs for social media

Data Visualization for Social Media is the Latest Trend

Data Presentation

Present your data in 2D animations of charts and graphs on social media. Animated charts bring more context and preciseness to your social media presence.

More Interactions

Viewers always prefer visualizations rather than having to read long paragraphs and general audiences on social media love infographics with posts.

More Shares

With appealing, engaging, and interesting visual infographics, you can earn media shares as your stories shall spread rapidly on social media.

Get More Followers

Simply due to smart visualization, messages can get viral on social media platforms. Embrace 2d animations as part of your social media strategy.

More Stories to Tell

Animated data visualization provides you with the ability to use your data as an invaluable asset for your social media campaigns.

Build Loyalty

Build brand loyalty and eventually your brand equity by engaging your social media fan base by using 2d animated infographics frequently.

Why Us?


We have the necessary skills to analyze data, create visuals, and to develop them as animated charts using Adobe After Effect or Adobe Flash.

One Stop Solution

You do not need to approach multiple vendors, designers, programmers, and animators to get your infographics ready for different platforms.

Value for Money

We offer value for your investments in social media marketing by delivering engaging 2d animations to use in social platforms.


What You See Is What You Get. You can get 2d animations from pre-built designs or get something bespoke taolired to meet your need.

Visualize your data with 2d animations today.

See some examples of 2d animations on our gallery.