Charts Created

Using JavaScript

Below is a reference list of charts you can get for interactive web pages, emails, and newsletters. Our programmers shall be able to create the desired charts with your data using JavaScript programming. Each chart type has a different data requirement. We shall help you decide the best chart for your audience considering your communication goal and the kind of data you have.

To help our programmers produce the desired visualization for you that can be used on interactive websites, you need to provide us the data in suitable formats like Excel or CSV. Please check the flowchart at the end of this page to see how we can achieve the desired outcome.

JavaScript Charts Reference List

Bar Chart

Proportional Area Chart

Marimekko Chart

Multi-set Bar Chart


Candlestick Chart

Open-high-low-close Chart

Kagi Chart

Span Chart

Arc Diagram

Radial Bar Chart

Population Pyramid

Stacked Bar Graph

Box & Whisker Plot

Gantt Chart

Violin Plot

Bullet Graph

Parallel Coordinates Plot

Parallel Sets

Chord Diagram

Line Graph

Area Graph

Stacked Area Graph

Density Plot

Stream Graph

Nightingale Rose Chart

Pie Chart

Donut Chart

Radial Column Chart

Sunburst Diagram

Bubble Chart


Error Bars

Network Diagram

Non-ribbon Chord Diagram

Connection Map

Bubble Map

Dot Map

Choropleth Map

Flow Map


Circle Packing


Dot Matrix Chart

Pictogram Chart

Flow Chart

Tree Diagram


Sankey Diagram

Spiral Plot

Illustration Diagram

Radar Chart


Tally Chart

Venn Diagram

Point & Figure Chart



Stem & Leaf Plot

Word Cloud

Tools We Use

Open-Source JavaScript Chart Libraries


This library offers a wide variety of basic chart building tools. Most organizational visualization needs can be fulfilled by programming with Chart.JS.


This library also offers many common charting tools but with a different design format. We use this library if a particular tool in Chart.JS is not meeting the requirements.


This library offers tools to create complex charts that grab the attention of readers. Organizations that work on complex projects will be most benefited with D3.JS.

Need Something Different?

Premium JavaScript Chart Library

If your interactive data visualization needs are not met with the opensource JavaScript libraries, and you want to use premium web authoring tools then our development team can help you with that.

Fusion Charts

Fusion Charts is a premium JavaScript chart library. If you want your charts to be authored with Fusion Chart, we can do that for you.

Web Authoring Flowchart

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