is an innovative service initiative to help businesses excel in visual storytelling. We aim to help businesses communicate their data with investors, inbound and outbound supply chain partners, customers, government agencies, and the greater public.

Companies these days are gathering huge amounts of data and they need to communicate these data with their stakeholders. Unfortunately, the printing industry in Bangladesh is not equipped enough to meet the growing demands of data visualization solutions that businesses need. Corporate publications in Bangladesh are still dominated by images and text with unimpressive tables and charts. shall enable businesses overcome that shortcoming.

We develop 2D, isometric, and 3D graphs and charts for print and web media. If users have tables and chart in Excel, TableAU, or PowerBI files, we can redevelop them in Adobe Illustrator, 3ds Max, or HTML formats. If users just have data and need expert help to get the charts, we can do that as well.

Apart from data visualization services, we also offer visual storytelling services. If users need vector illustrations to present a situation, process, or product, we can do that for them.

In terms of file formats, we provide files that are of the industry standard. For print media, we offer EPS and AI files. For social media, we offer JPEG and MP4 files. Additionally, we offer hosted web pages with interactive graphs and charts.

Ethics Policy

Data visualization services at are only provided for factual data. We do not offer services for data of dubious nature or data that can be used to spread misinformation and disinformation.