We can take the charts prepared for printed documents and prepare them for online presentations with interactivity to support better communication. These charts are not simple images but they present specific data upon hovering the mouse on them. Below are some examples of what you can get.

Line Chart

The following line chart shows month-wise sales figures from three cities of Bangladesh.

Pie & Donut Chart

The following pie and donut charts show nominal GDP of SAARC countries for the year 2019.

Column Chart

The following column chart presents project revenue and costs for multiple projects.

Bar Chart

The following bar chart shows sales figures of multiple distributors.

Stacked Bar Chart

The following table presents sales data in stacked bar chart.

Area Chart

The following area chart presents marks obtained by three students in different subjects.

Stacked Chart

This stacked chart shows 100% investment of six investors in three companies.

Bubble Chart

The following bubble chart shows top ten importers of 2019, average distance of supplying countries, and concentration of supplying countries.

Scatter Plot

The following scatter plot shows the average distance of supplying countries for top 25 importing countries.

Radar Chart

The following radar chart shows marks achieved by three students in multiple subjects.

Polar Area Chart

The following polar area chart shows sales of different distributors.