Persuasive Inforgraphics for CSR

Infographics can boost the corporate social responsibility activities of a company. Persuasive infographics have a slightly different approach from marketing infographics. These infographic designs lead the readers to a clear call to action and they attempt to convince the audience to do something after seeing the infographic. Readers might be easily influenced by the information being shared with them, and data visualizations can be especially compelling to audiences.

Persuasive Infographics can effortlessly motivate customers to take a positive action

Millions of different reasons motivate people to choose their actions every day, and good storytelling is an effective way to convince people that they should join a particular effort. The actions that these designs try to convince the audience to take could be anything.

Often these try to convince consumers to do good things to help themselves, their local community, or the world at large. The possibilities of actions persuasive infographics can generate are boundless.

Persuasive Infographics Ideas

  • Start exercising
  • Travel to a new destination
  • Visit a website
  • Improve the environment
  • Donate to a charitable organization
  • Join a community
  • Sign a petition
  • Give time to a worthy cause
  • Participate in an event
  • Take fire safety cautions

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